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February 2017


Jimi Anderson is a Scottish singer who is part of the music business for a long time now. Mainly in the margin but still, he is there. He started more than twenty years ago as a singer of covers of Deep Purple and Rush, and later he also made the work of David Coverdale, Paul Rodgers and Ronnie James Dio his own. In the mid 80s he founded the band Sahara; a band that changed its name to The Hardline and then had a bit of success in their home country. He always kept busy writing and playing songs, often with tribute bands. So he performed throughout Europe under the name ‘Legends Of AOR’; an project that played songs of bands like Foreigner, Journey, etc. Along with the musical centipede Sandy Jones (bass, guitar and drums), he now releases his first solo album under the name Jimi Anderson Group.

The three men - Jimi and Sandy got help from lead guitarist Graeme Duffin - have delivered an album that may be heard. At least, it should definitely get a chance from fans of AOR music. This is really melodic heavy rock of a high level. Anderson is blessed with a great voice. His voice sometimes sounds like Ronnie James Dio (like in the opener 'Same Old Song'), but does have its own sound. His voice is raw or very powerful but mostly clear and melodious. He also sings very easily. And the twelve songs on this CD also fit perfectly with his voice. Sandy Jones certainly deserves credit as far as the instrumentation is concerned; the music on this CD sounds jus great. And also nice that they asked Duffin to throw in the occasional riff or solo. This is just a good, beautiful album, nothing more and nothing less. Oddly enough (or maybe not that odd) the best songs are the more quiet, easy listening tracks like the ballad ‘Better This Way' (the most reminiscent of bands like Petra),’Where Do We Go From Here’ (no, not a Strangeways cover) and the insanely beautiful closing track 'Oh Why’. I

understood that AOR music is almost dead and gone, but this band causes at least for a hefty quality injection for the genre. There is hope!




February 2017



Jimi Anderson is a musician that was raised up with bands such as Whitesnake, DIO, Rush and Deep Purple and with his new album, "Longtime Comin'", he honors his longtime heroes. In his music career, Anderson played in numerous live gigs, sang in several tribute bands and nowadays the time has come to release his own music under the name of Jimi Anderson Group. My first impression, after the first spin of "Longtime Comin'", is that Anderson has an amazing voice and performs each and every song here with heart and passion. All of the tracks here are well-written and there's an 80's classic rock feeling that makes the final result a pleasant listening all the way. The opening tune of the new album, "Same Old Song" is pure delight! A 'punchier' melodic hard rock gem filled with Anderson's smooth vocal lines, a solid rhythm, a catchy hook and chorus line and there you have a killer song!! Excellent!! "Let's Get Serious" includes more groove, a bit of Whitesnake 'magic' in it and boom...another highlight out of the new record. "Feel Like Letting Go" is a beautiful pop-rock track with a killer chorus in it and in "Better This Way" Anderson delivers a sentimental and sweet ballad. In "Welcome To The Revolution" and "Higher Than Higher" the 70's, early 80's, hard rock elements make their appearances in a such a great way while in "Necessary People" we have another cool and groovy rock song! A passionate, powerful, beautiful and 'down to earth' rock album with some excellent performances by Jimi Anderson that makes this record a must have for every rock fan out there!!